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Disrupting the Patriarchies focuses on the voices of girls and womxns who questioned, resisted against, and were impacted by the patriarchies around the world.
This first block shows films that explore the complexities of inhabiting a body in society. The stories ask what it means to live in one’s skin, and one’s mind. This block looks deeply at the intricacies of personhood as our selfhood relates to our bodies existing within society and its’ expectations.
A Slice of Life showcases films that focus on joy and celebration
This block looks at films that explore the crossing of paths and the relationships that follow - whether family, partnership, friendship, or the personal connection to ourselves. Each film illuminates the connections we make throughout our lives as we explore what it means to be a human in this complex world, searching for those we fit with.
This block takes a closer look at reproductive health. Womxn’s health is often overlooked and misunderstood, taking years sometimes for certain issues to be regarded seriously. Sharing these stories not only acknowledges what is ignored, but also provides the space to question why it can be so difficult to find answers and relief for such common femme health problems. The films also speak to the negative mental stigma attached to being considered “abnormal” and the damage societal expectations can cause.
Transcending Boundaries refers to the dreams and resistance of marginalized peoples despite cultural, societal, and economical factors that stand in the way.
A block that addresses and introduces stories caught between multiple places and spaces.
This theme provides a platform for young and powerful individuals challenging social structures and addressing issues within their own communities. These voices know they are the future and have already begun to creatively deliver their stories through the medium of film. We left this block for the end, as these voices are the future...
Our block that addresses the Covid-19 Pandemic with varied stories. As this year has affected everyone differently, the films in this block express a range of experiences. In these films, the filmmakers explore these difficult times to document and retell what this year meant for them, and how important it is for us to see and support each other despite the necessary separation.
Reclaiming Our Bodies shares stories of sexual empowerment and body liberation.
In this block, social structures, societal norms, violent institutions, and erasure of history are what the films challenge. Each one brings providing a space for voices that need to be heard, faces that need to be seen, and questions that need to be asked. We want to break the silence holding us back from equality and justice.
Behind the Obvious highlights the complexities of daily life for those struggling with mental health disorders and non-obvious struggles.
A theme that explores daily life for different people across the globe. These films remind us of our human connection to each other, even though our daily realities and struggles may appear different. Although economic circumstances, location, societal expectations, or differing beliefs can divide and separate us individually, these films encourage a universal understanding that can bring us together as a whole.
Confronting Dominant Paradigms challenges the ways in which we conceive of power and normativity
Beyond the Familiall highlights films that challenge a singular unit of family, the nuclear stable family, while also thinking about chosen families, unconventional families.
Please join us in welcoming Bruno Montenegro (Getting Married); Melanie Ho (To Live Here), Lara Singer (Jade), Naseeba Bagalaaliwo (Scalp Deep) and MunMun Dhalaria (Covid Responde: A Himalayan Story) to the 16th annual Davis Feminist Film Festival Director Panel. We will discuss their films, their work, and be in conversation about global feminism and international solidarity.
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In Person: May 20, 2022 - May 21, 2022
Online: May 20, 2022 - May 23, 2022
May 20, 2022 - May 23, 2022
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